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30 JUN

 Giro d'Italia Internazionale Femminile
12 JUL

 Internationale Thuringen Rundfahrt der Frauen

 La Course by Le Tour de France
29 JUL

 Prudential RideLondon Classique


Only a few years ago, it was uncommon to see female cyclists in Slovenia. Cycling was more of a men’s sport, there were also less women among recreational cycling enthusiasts. But with the popularisation of the sport in the last couple of years, came an incredible increase in females dabbling cycling.

And that’s how it all began…  Although the idea was grown inside a man’s mind, we all knew that if it was to come true, it would be up to us - women, to carry it out.  Anyone who knew anything about cycling believed it was revolutionary. It was indeed no different than the revolutions that came before - many agreed that the idea was a height of folly, and did not expect anything to become of it. A considerable amount of people could not even picture a woman on a bicycle, especially not on a road one. Along came a covert remark that women would be best left to slave over a hot stove.


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